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Not Just Healthy

Now that you know how I feel about people losing the desire to get outside and enjoy nature I am going to start listing you a few reasons on why I love hiking so much and some of the positive things it has done for me in my life.

So it goes without saying that hiking in the woods and just getting outside in general has great benefits to your health and a little exercise goes a long way for anyone (especially most Americans). In addition to a better lifestyle and overall health, there have been multiple times where my hiking experience and knowledge has gotten me a huge head start with the ladies as opposed to the typical and boring normal dates like going to the movies or some corporate restaurant that everyone and their mother has eaten at.

If you saw my about page you noticed I was with a beautiful young women and for those wondering, yes that is my girlfriend and we have been together for almost 3 years now. Want to know how I broke the ice with her and took our relationship to the next level?

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You guessed it, taking her to my favorite hiking trail in our town. When you do something like this for women it doesn’t just show them that you are willing to think outside the box, but also shows them that you have passion towards things that are beautiful and actually matter. For those of you who might be thinking about the dating scene let me tell you, it works. I promise.

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