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Ice Breaker

Kind of going off of my post yesterday about how I sealed the deal with my lovely girlfriend, there were a number of times before that where I used my love of hiking and nature to make it happen with the ladies. Any guys out there reading this if you take anything from this page please let it be this subject.

These days women really do look for guys that go above and beyond when it comes to dating and standing out from the hundreds of other guys that are hitting on them all day. A perfect hiking trail is just the thing to separate you from the pack, I promise.

You can bet your bottom dollar that 99% of all the other guys that are coming up to her all day are giving her the same lines over and over and resorting to the typical and standard dinner, drinks, or movie for a date and every women has heard these invitations for their whole lives. When a girl sees that you are actually passionate about something like hiking it shows them that you aren’t necessarily like the other ones and you think outside of the box.

You can also be sure that the conversation will never slow down or get awkward when you are out there. There will be hundreds of things to see or situations to talk about when you are out there and really give you an edge in getting to know each other. Trust me when I say that it works.

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