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Be Responsible

Kind of going off my post yesterday about what to bring to make sure you are totally prepared, I want to stress the fact that although it is rare, accidents can definitely happen when you are out on the trails and it is really important to acknowledge and respect that fact.

I am not a professional hiker by any means and just created this page in a small attempt to get people a little motivated to get out there an enjoy nature. Take everything I talk about on here with a grain of salt and know that I am just like you.

If you are not experienced with the wilderness and want to give the lifestyle a chance, just make sure you start off small in your town and go to a local park or trail that you know you won’t get lost in. It is important to just stick to the trail and not wander off the path in order to make your hike back as simple as possible.

Just like anything else in the world you should always start small and gradually work your way up to bigger trails and eventually you can start traveling the country and seeing all of the beautiful scenery that it has to offer and let me tell you, there is a lot to see. You will never be bored exploring a new trail in a different state. There is something about seeing other parts of the country far away from your comfort zone and just embracing it.

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What You Need

Now that you have a reason to get out there and get hiking (see here), I can start talking about what you will need and some essentials that I never go without. So depending on what you are trying to do and how far you want to take the hike will make what you should bring vary.

There are things that you really should never go without and they include:

  • Plenty of water
  • Plenty of food
  • Flashlight/Lantern
  • A lighter or matches
  • A tent and some extra clothes for warmth
  • A Compass
  • Your phone and portable charger

These are all things that you really need to have on you in case you end up getting lost or some other type of emergency happens. You wouldn’t believe how cold it can get in the night time outside even if it is the middle of July. Even deserts get cold at night and if you aren’t prepared with a set of warm clothes you could be in for a very miserable and potentially very dangerous night.

Everything that I listed up there are especially needed if you are trying to bring a lady out for your hikes and are trying to impress. If you end up getting lost and aren’t properly prepared for it, you can be sure this will be the last place you ever take her. On the other hand if something does happen to go wrong and you take charge and make sure she is alright, you are golden my friend.

Stay tuned!


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Ice Breaker

Kind of going off of my post yesterday about how I sealed the deal with my lovely girlfriend, there were a number of times before that where I used my love of hiking and nature to make it happen with the ladies. Any guys out there reading this if you take anything from this page please let it be this subject.

These days women really do look for guys that go above and beyond when it comes to dating and standing out from the hundreds of other guys that are hitting on them all day. A perfect hiking trail is just the thing to separate you from the pack, I promise.

You can bet your bottom dollar that 99% of all the other guys that are coming up to her all day are giving her the same lines over and over and resorting to the typical and standard dinner, drinks, or movie for a date and every women has heard these invitations for their whole lives. When a girl sees that you are actually passionate about something like hiking it shows them that you aren’t necessarily like the other ones and you think outside of the box.

You can also be sure that the conversation will never slow down or get awkward when you are out there. There will be hundreds of things to see or situations to talk about when you are out there and really give you an edge in getting to know each other. Trust me when I say that it works.

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Not Just Healthy

Now that you know how I feel about people losing the desire to get outside and enjoy nature I am going to start listing you a few reasons on why I love hiking so much and some of the positive things it has done for me in my life.

So it goes without saying that hiking in the woods and just getting outside in general has great benefits to your health and a little exercise goes a long way for anyone (especially most Americans). In addition to a better lifestyle and overall health, there have been multiple times where my hiking experience and knowledge has gotten me a huge head start with the ladies as opposed to the typical and boring normal dates like going to the movies or some corporate restaurant that everyone and their mother has eaten at.

If you saw my about page you noticed I was with a beautiful young women and for those wondering, yes that is my girlfriend and we have been together for almost 3 years now. Want to know how I broke the ice with her and took our relationship to the next level?

capture image

You guessed it, taking her to my favorite hiking trail in our town. When you do something like this for women it doesn’t just show them that you are willing to think outside the box, but also shows them that you have passion towards things that are beautiful and actually matter. For those of you who might be thinking about the dating scene let me tell you, it works. I promise.

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Welcome Trail Seekers!


Hey everyone and thank you for checking out my new page! I have noticed lately that nature seems to be becoming less and less appealing to people and I think it is an absolute shame. I remember growing up there was nothing I looked more forward to then waking up before the crack of dawn, gearing up, and heading outdoors to just be a part of this beautiful planet that we live on. Now a days everyone is far too preoccupied staring down at their ipads or staying inside all day “Netflix and chilling.”

This is my idea of a perfect view to the start of a beautiful day. Some of the best memories I have ever had included me going on vacation up north to my uncles cabin with my parents and spending all day out in the wilderness and just enjoying being alive and feeling connected to nature.

I really don’t think that this is something many people can say that they enjoy or would ever imagine spending vacation doing. It kind of scares me how disconnected the human species seems to be becoming in regards to nature. We are all a part of this beautiful planet and to be able to sit back every once in a while and take it all in is something that I am so grateful I am able to do.

I am going to talk about some of my favorite places I have been and some places that I plan on going in the future to hopefully get some more people on board with Mother Nature.